Compare Trend strategy with consolidation strategy

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The trend strategy is commonly known as chasing up and down, but the market is mostly in shock, so the winning rate is low. Once the trend is made, it will be profitable, so the profit and loss is very high. The Turtle Trading Law is a typical trend strategy. The consolidation strategy is The contrarian strategy, because the market is mostly consolidating, so the consolidation strategy tends to have a higher winning rate, but the profit and loss is relatively low. Once it encounters a unilateral market, it will generate a large loss, which is a strategy to win by volume. Then the question is coming. Is it a unilateral trend strategy? When it is consolidating, it can be invincible with a consolidation strategy. However, the reality is very cruel, and the trend and the turning point of the consolidation are difficult to judge. Therefore, there is no strategy to adapt to all the market conditions. Generally, the trend strategy can only reduce the loss during the consolidation period, and the consolidation strategy reduces the loss of the trend.

  admin   2018-7-12